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familiar essay example

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Why May You Need Our Familiar Essay Example to Help You?

Familiar essay writing can be difficult for a lot of people to complete with any measure of success as they are just unable to get their thoughts down on paper using a descriptive enough style which really gets the reader involved. While this style of essay doesn’t require any research to show your level of understanding on a given topic, it does still expect vividly descriptive writing which should draw the reader in and make them feel a part of the story. If you’ll have troubles with writing your paper, you can hire an essay service online.

Looking through different samples of familiar essays is a good way to see how others writers have expressed their thoughts by their choice of wording but always be careful not to copy from other peoples work as this is plagiarism and will likely result in your essay being thrown away. Besides, a familiar should be based upon your own life experiences and your views, not someone else’s. To help aspiring writers with their work, our experts have come together to create a guide to help develop writing skills. While familiar essay writing in general doesn’t follow a prescribed set form, the academic world still requires a certain level of presentation to your writing:

  • The introduction

An effective way to begin is with an engaging personal anecdote which serves to introduce the point of your discussion. You will always benefit from providing an example to emphasize the opening anecdote. Like other essays, the introduction should also conclude with a unifying statement that reveals the thesis statement and should embrace the spirit of the discussion which follows.

  • The body

Each body paragraph should begin with a topic sentence so what follows is a combination of opinionated observations supported with facts, testimony or examples. A transitional statement can be used instead of a conclusive statement that is usedin other essay types because the familiar essay is a mix of personality and formality.

  • The conclusion

Rewrite your thesis or the spirit of it by using a different choice of words from the opening one. You will benefit from this by fulfilling the point of your discussion. Use another example or excerpt from your talethat serves to finish off your discussion. Conclude the essay with any life lessons that were learnt.

A List of Popular Familiar Essay Topics

Though adequate subjects can be difficult to be assigned as your history may not be well known, familiar essay topics may be chosen that are of general interest and within the range of your observations and experience. Popular topics include:

  • The necessity of being amused
  • Judging by appearances
  • On being misunderstood
  • The pleasures of eating
  • On discovering oneself
  • The pleasures of loafing around
  • On wearing new shoes
  • The excitement of having a bank account
  • Falling in love
  • On keeping a secret
  • The responsibility of being perfect

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